White skin is smooth by simple ingredients

White skin is smooth by simple ingredients
Asian women are usually very white skin, and Vietnam is no exception. To have white skin sparkling light, in addition to the beauty center or aesthetic Institute with the cost quite expensive and time-consuming, the sisters just apply the face skin whitening at home efficiency below will also get your skin always desire. We see that is the way!
How to whiten face skin at the most efficient
1. smooth white Skin with the formula from rice bran and yogurt
Rice bran is skin whitening ingredients are the most favorite sister. In rice bran contains vitamin B, protein and other natural acid exfoliation effect and remove penetrating strongly stain human skin cells to the skin becomes bright and soft when combined with fresh milk.
-3 tablespoons of rice bran
- 1/4 sugar-free yogurt.
-1 tablespoon lemon juice.
How to whiten face skin:
For 3 above ingredients into a small bowl and mix well to produce a smooth match mixture. Clean the face mask and apply all over the skin, located approximately 15-20 minutes of relaxation, then rinse with cool water and apply rose water or cream. Just you spend little time made each week from 2-3 times will help your bright and smooth not to lose the costly skin whitening creams.
2. white skin by to honey and cucumber
Honey is probably not too strange to the women. Today the honey is used quite common in beauty, skin care, especially in the skin whitening. Have to say honey has great use in making white and you don't have to spend lots of time still has an effective skin whitening formula.
-1 cucumber fruit
-2 teaspoons of pure honey.
 How to do the following:
You keep grilled cucumber or pureed. Mix the honey on for them and then use them to apply to all over face and neck. Relax for 10 minutes and then wash with cool water to se closed pores. You should remember to wash the surface clean before the face mask. If diligent you can sauna with a little rose oil first then up the mask, the skin easy to absorb.
With just 2 simple ingredients but you will get the benefits of extremely large. This mask helps remove waste leather toxins, shrinks pores, fade and white nursing bruises from the inside.
3. Effective face skin with white yoghurt and strawberries
Minerals and vitamins are abundant in yogurt is the weapon helps white light, healthy and easy to succumb to these bad elements. There are many beauty formula is made from yogurt. And who ever uses this mask must also affirm that they are really effective.
-3 tablespoons of yoghurt without sugar
-2 Strawberry
How to do:
Pureed strawberries and stir the mixture consists of yogurt and strawberries. Facial skin cleansing and make movements such as on part 1. Strawberries contain many vitamins are beneficial for the skin. The skin will absorb the minerals in sour milk and vitamins from the strawberries. Just done 3 times a week you will have a perfect smooth white skin, no acne, not lightening.
4. Coconut oil and lemon juice
This is exactly how effective face skin whitening at home for you. With simple ingredients including coconut oil, white sugar and the lemon juice you make by 2:1:1 rate to form a mixture of skin care. Wash your face clean then gently massage the mixture onto your skin over a period of 15 minutes. Next up you use warm water to wash your face to clean. Persistence apply this mask 1 to 2 times per week you will quickly get the smooth ivory Pearl White skin and extremely energetic.

White skin is smooth by simple ingredients

5. Yogurt and coconut oil
The formula on how effective face skin whitening at home second for you have is to use coconut oil and yogurt mix well according to the ratio of 2:1. Please apply this mixture evenly onto her skin and massage gently for about 30 minutes. Next to you please wash your face clean with cold water, you will feel the change of the skin immediately in the first use of coconut oil blend together yogurt. Just make 3 times per week this natural face mask you will soon own the beautiful white skin.
6. Honey, egg yolks and coconut oil
With how effective face skin whitening at home you use egg yolk with 1 spoon honey café mix 1 spoon café coconut oil. To make this mix up for both and then apply all over the face, take a apply of turn 3 of class (this class next apply dry wait next layer up is possible). Then you go down over a period of 30 minutes and wash the face with warm water. Just done 3 times a week with this mask you will get medium white skin naturally rosy.
7. Green tea powder and coconut oil
How effective face skin whitening at home at last for you that is used powdered green tea and coconut oil. You need only use 3  tablespoons  powdered green tea offers mix well with 1 spoonful of olive oil or coconut oil coffee  attached 1 spoon coffee lemon juice. Then use this mixture evenly onto the skin surface and apply relax for about 15 minutes. Make this recipes 2 times a week you will realize your skin is changing and more and more beautiful fine white.
Just the material easy to earn as above is that you can do the masks nourishing medium white skin, acne, anti-aging. But should only make 1 week 2-3 times. Wish you success

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