How to treat bad breadth effectively

Measures to diagnose bad breath

Self-determination: each person can diagnose himself or herself, by placing his palms in his mouth, exhaling through his mouth and smelling the palms of his palms; or smell on dental floss after use.
Can be asked to identify others: by direct contact with close distances.
However, the 2 ways above are subjective, depending on the feelings of each person. Therefore, patients can go to the hospital for the halimeter meter to measure bad breath, by measuring the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds in their breath. With this device, the patient will know exactly whether he has bad breath or not and the extent of the disease, determine the cause of the mouth or not from the mouth.
How to treat bad breadth effectively

Measures to treat bad breath

Brush your teeth right after eating: Brushing your teeth after eating is essential to help limit the best pathogens. After eating for about 30 minutes, brush your teeth at least twice a day to achieve a healing effect.
How to treat bad breadth effectively
Flossing after eating: Brushing normally can not remove the bacterial plaque in between teeth. Flossing is one of the things that a dentist appoints to remove plaque in the teeth
Cleaning the tongue: Many people have a habit of brushing their teeth and forgetting about the tongue is also a part to clean. Because the tongue is home to lots of bacteria and is the right environment for bacteria to grow. Symptoms of bacterial overgrowth are signs of a white-colored tongue. The cleaning of the mouth and tongue is very important to eliminate unpleasant breath odor.
Drink plenty of water: Providing enough water for the body is not only good for health but also good for treating bad breath. For patients with chronic dry mouth, a doctor's intervention is required, prescribing medication to stimulate salivation or preparing artificial saliva.
Cleaning dental instruments: If you are using braces or dentures, you need to clean thoroughly once a day to limit the penetration of bacteria.
Have a reasonable diet: People with bad breath should eat a lot of food such as vegetables, fruits, avoid things like onions, garlic, hot spicy food, coffee ... foods with lots of sugar.
Periodic dental care: Tartar is one of the most common causes of bad breath. Therefore, getting tartar twice a year is also a good way for the breath to avoid unpleasant odors.
For patients who suffer from bad breath due to certain medical conditions, there is no other way but to completely treat those diseases. Need to consult a number of doctors to have the most appropriate remedy.
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