What to eat to have strong bones?

That is the common questions asked by aging people. After searching tons of material on the Internet, we find out that they are dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ice cream ... because they contain lots of calcium.

What to eat to have strong bones

You should also drink at least one glass of milk a day because milk not only helps supplement calcium but also contains vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones.
Some nuts, such as pumpkin seeds, laughing nuts, almonds, etc. are good for bones because they contain a lot of magnesium, which helps promote calcium metabolism. With a rich source of alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and betacryptoxanthin, carrots are an indispensable food in the diet that helps strengthen your bones.
According to experts, you should eat raw carrots because this way helps the body absorb the nutrients from carrots best.
Not only providing safe pain relief, helping to improve osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis diseases, PEPTAN nutrients for joints also prevent osteoporosis effectively, especially in the elderly. By stimulating bone-building cells (osteoclasts) and reducing the body's natural bone-destroying process, PEPTAN increases bone mineral density to help keep bones and joints strong and ensure movement.

Foods to avoid

Foods rich in phosphorus: viscera, processed meat. If the amount of phosphorus is high, it will lead to a decrease in calcium due to inhibition of absorption. Red meat is also high in uric acid, which is bad for patients with gout.
Say no to fast food, processed foods, over-fried and oily foods.
Reducing salt, sugar and sweet drinks should also be avoided because they contain a lot of sugar and high phosphorus content. Do not eat food that is too salty. Salt intake should be limited to less than 6g / day and sugar to less than 20g / day.
Avoid alcohol, beer, cigarettes and nerve stimulants because these substances often cause muscle spasms, reduce the effects of the drug, causing adverse treatment.
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