Melasma - enemy number 1 for women

Melasma is bad on the face appear small round spots, dark yellow, Brown, yellow, light brown but mostly brown black ... a direct influence on the aesthetics of human body. Lightening usually grow into each array, focus primarily on both cheeks, nose, forehead, Chin. ... The nature of the Melasma is the overgrowth of the melanin pigment in the bottom layer and the mesoderm. Melasma usually appears in people who have beautiful skin, white, thin, smooth. As possible so long as Melasma tend to spread, bold color up and difficult to treat.

Usually, there are 3 types of Melasma: deep Pigmentation (dark brown spots is with legs lightening the skin's DermIS feet deep); lightening plate (pitches lightening appeared in Eurasian plate on the surface of the skin, pale brown) and the lightening mixture (a combination of 2 types of lightening on, just grow in the array, just have legs lightening ingrained under the skin surface).

Melasma - enemy number 1 for women

Melasma due to pigment, genetic
Pigments, genetics is the cause of Melasma. Many cases of Melasma is caused by the family's genetic. This is a kind of superior genetics and can appear from infancy because the parent has been lightening the skin that do not know how early treatment. Or the causes due to lose pigment made many women suffering from Melasma.

Psychological factors:
Psychology is one of the causes of affecting the beauty of your skin, especially the Melasma. Frequently worried, depressed, lose sleep, prolonged stress will cause the skin lightening process take place more quickly.

Due to diet, living
Besides the causes on the skin longer, due to inappropriate diet leads to a deficiency of essential nutrients, of the skin causing the skin strongly stain human dull.

There are also some cases were too much weight after the Melasma. Lose weight fast and suddenly causes have yet to adapt, the sudden fat disappear do da go bad and turning colors, no longer smooth stretch anymore.

The Sun:
This is the cause of being popular cause Melasma Melasma status in these tropical countries. According to statistics, approximately 60% of women Vietnam be Melasma and this ratio peaked in the summer, from July to September every year due to weather more heat, the heat makes the skin dehydrate skin protection should be inferior.

Some cosmetic uses bleached, peeling the skin will make the skin is thin, sensitive to sunlight and increase the chance of lightening the skin. In addition, this cosmetics containing substances that readily make the face caught the Sun very fast.

Anti-Melasma remedies:

-Sun protection skin

The Sun contains more UV rays damage the skin, especially the Sun from 10 am to 2 pm. In this time frame, you should minimize the direct exposure to the Sun and using sunscreen to protect the epidermis from being infected or damaged identity cancelled due to solar radiation. Should use a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

_ Healthy diet

A lot of green vegetables, fruit of the same 2.5 liters of water a day is very necessary to keep the level of melanin in the limit allows. Healthy eating also helps strengthen body resistance in General and, in particular, from the skin which prevents the risk of induced Melasma.

-Get enough sleep, not anxiety and avoid stress

Often stay up late and stress directly affect the metabolism of the skin and stimulates excess melanin production. Maintain biological rhythms regularly, get enough sleep each day, avoid anxiety and tension by the spiritual therapy is a simple and secure lightening rooms.

-Cosmetic abuse of unknown origin

The chemicals used in cosmetics for skin whitening, anti-lightening ... both contain strong detergent amount, originally the skin was bleached look very nice, but after a time the more skin corrosion, immature skin will show up If the sun goes very prone to Melasma. Besides, in cream with tiny Mercury may cause skin atrophy, if used for long face will permanently lightening.

Melasma treatment simple masks:

Using eggplant is one way to treat Melasma face at home.

Look how effective Melasma treatment by eggplant right at home:
Ingredients: 1 fresh eggplant
How: you cut up eggplant into thin slices and then up onto the skin lightening. You can use the hand rubbed pieces coffee maker that according to circular motion.

Here's how to treat Melasma face at home, you can make every day. It only takes about 15 minutes per day within one week you will receive the result immediately.

How to treat Melasma at home effectively with green papaya

The juice of the fruit of green papaya is way worth lightening at home efficiently and safely.

Material: green papaya

How to do:

You need to crush the green papaya and then rinsed drained. Apply all that juice up the possible need to treat freckles and Melasma. Remember to wash your face with cold water for papaya resin may cause you itching/irritation if for so long. How to treat Melasma in this house will help you improve the light color for the stain freckles, sun spots.
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