Natural moisturizing mask: super saving and effective

Instead of spending too much on cosmetics, you can use a natural skin mask that both helps you save and bring high skin care results.

Natural moisturizing mask: super saving and effective

Currently on the market there are many skin care products. But using a lot of cosmetics will cost you quite a bit of money. Not to mention the active ingredients in cosmetics that can make your skin wear out or have side effects.
Water plays a very important role in determining skin health. Many studies show that 70% of skin health problems are often related to skin dehydration or insufficient moisture.
In addition to not providing enough water for the skin, in daily activities, agents such as dust, pollution or sunlight are also very likely to cause dehydration, causing hidden acne conditions.
So using a natural moisturizing mask will be the most reasonable method to help improve dry skin.
Natural moisturizing mask: super saving and effective

Natural skin care mask from lemon and olive
Olive oil helps the skin smooth, not cracked while the nutrients and vitamin C in lemons support skin regeneration and make the skin brighter.
Ingredients: lemon, olive, honey.
• Mix a mixture of lemon, olive and honey in a 1: 2: 1 ratio.
• Apply to the skin and gently massage the face for 5 minutes.
• Keep the mixture dry for 20 minutes and wash your face with cold water.
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