Tips for officers to protect their eyes

Do not look too long at a single point

It will be very harmful to vision if you sit for hours and hours staring at the computer screen. Therefore, make a habit of every 30 minutes to 1 hour, take your eyes off the computer for about 1 minute and look around to relax, reduce eye strain.
Tips for officers to protect their eyes
In particular, many scientific studies indicate that natural green color is beneficial for the eyes. Therefore, while relaxing your eyes, try to focus your eyes farther and focus more on the green patches in a large space to reduce stress on the eyes. Comes with a continuous blinking action to restore moisture, helps protect the inner eyes and helps improve future refractive errors. Note, do not close your eyes during this time.

Keep a reasonable distance from the computer and enlarge the text

 According to eye specialists, to reduce the amount of radiation from the screen, the position of the computer screen should be placed 50 to 60 cm away from the eyes. At the same time, always keep the level of displaying letters or information on the screen in accordance with the regulation of the eye, avoiding eye contact too close to computers, phones.
Increasing the font size and contrast will make everything on the display easier to read. Typically, text enlargement seems to be a way to combat eye strain when sitting at a computer, which is commonly used by the elderly and middle-aged people. If you feel that the content on your computer is sufficiently monitored, it's best not to zoom in too loudly.
Tips for officers to protect their eyes
Get up and walk around
Staying in one place, keeping your head and neck in one position for too long, especially when you're working with computers or using information technology, often results in pain in the neck or head. Adjust the monitor to eye level and sit up straight and sometimes stand up, walk while working to keep your muscles working.
Besides, you should also practice the habit of drinking water regularly to both moisturize the skin, and have just formed a sense of standing up to the toilet or gentle movement. Thus, when standing up and walking regularly, it is possible to reduce eye fatigue immediately.
Do not look at the screen before going to bed
We humans have been "programmed" to function during the day and sleep at night. According to doctors, the use of information technology devices before going to bed will stimulate the mind and cause sleep problems. It is best to turn off your computer, television and phone at least 2 hours before bedtime so that you can sleep and sleep better.
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