How to wax hair removal at home with python oil

Hair removal at home is always interested topic for women. If you do not have favorable conditions to go to a hair removal spa worth tens of millions and are not sure that it can be effective, you can use the natural, safe and health-friendly method. by using a home waxing method that is made of sugar.
Most waxing products are made from the main ingredient of boiled sugar, to take advantage of the adhesion of melted sugar to stick the hair and pull the hair from the root safely, friendly to human health. use and lasting effect.

Summary of home hair removal formula with python fat:

  • Wax recipe: 100g sugar,
  • 25ml lemon juice,
  • 25ml filtered water (generally according to the news: 4: 1: 1 bared you).
Cooking is similar to making malt candy or winning colors with people in the west. You persevered in the kitchen, using their chopsticks to shake their hands regularly to make the thick paste of lime juice. Generally for about 12-16 minutes. But you remember to let the fire down.

However, waxing at home is only effective if you ensure the following factors:

(1) How to use wax correctly (see video with instructions on how to wax carefully)
(2) Skin care that prevents hair growth and softens hair in the period after waxing. According to long-term folk experience, you should use python fat
(3) Consistently do it multiple times because permanent waxing is a process, not a one-off method.

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