Burn treatment by python oil

Can python oil treat burns?

Python has a good effect on burns. When you put python fat on burns, it will cool down after only 1 day. Your skin does not see the phenomenon of succulent but the skin is only a little red, which will disappear soon after 1 week. This means that your burn will be healed completely.

Burn treatment by python oil

Why should you have 1 jar of python fat in your home?

Doing anything is negligent, especially when cooking, ... causing burns, when being burned without timely solutions the burn will spread blistering quickly, it will infuse later and the skin is therefore very difficult healed. Especially for families with young children, besides treating python fat burns, they also treat diaper rash, chrome rash, and insect bites for children very effectively.
So storing a jar of python fat in the house is very useful. If it is unfortunate to see someone get burns, you just take a little grease applied to the burn is immediate first aid, burns heal quickly.

The effect of python fat in the treatment of burns

In addition to the effects of python fat in beauty, we should consider its effective treatment for burns. However, this application of pistachio fat has faced fierce opposition from many researchers.
Specialists believe that the treatment of burns with python fat does not work with the wound but also contains many risks that make the degree of burns become more severe.
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hue - Former Deputy Director of the National Burn Institute recommends that peanut fat be unrecognized in any research. In addition to the risk of infection, multiple peanut fat wounds infection becomes even more dangerous if the user uses the type of python fat that is not guaranteed to produce safely. Therefore, people should not use this method as well as some other folk remedies, instead listen to the doctor's advice to treat burn injuries most effectively.
Burn treatment by python oil

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