Pure Python Oil, which is an all-natural product, is usefull for all skin types so it becomes a must-have for every family in Asian countries.


  1. Asthma diseases: Using python fat to roast rice has the effect of cutting off asthma attacks, treating long-term asthma.
  2. Burn treatment: python fat is used to treat burns very effectively. When burned, if treated with python fat, the wound will not blister and sore, if treated promptly, the wound is likely to be smooth as before the burn.
  3. Acne treatment: quick pull effect on the skin of python fat, you can also apply the case you have blackheads + tiny hairs growing on. After applying the nose patch, rinse the nose, wipe dry, apply powdery fat to apply. The effect is smooth and the nostrils and pores are smooth. Of course, blackheads don't go away the first time.
  4. For soft skin and dry skin treatment: moisturizing the skin and for treating chapped limbs, foot water, dry skin.
  5. Scare away mice
  6. Good pad for heart disease
  7. Supplement for waxing: after using the waxing method to remove hair, use a cotton ball to python and gently wipe the skin for a while and then rinse with warm water.
  8. TREATMENT BURNING, BEING INSECT BITE: apply 1 layer to the itchy area, the mosquito will reduce itching and leave no scars.
  9. Stepping prevention acne come back
  10. Scar treatment will be created
  11. Recover the heated skin
  12. Liposuction and intimacy in children
  13. To help prevent acne, stop acne back
  14. Skin treatment when being pregnant or after your birth
  15. Cleansing: use python oil to clean make-up layer
  16. Nutrition skin, breating

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